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    Level Up Nurse Squad

    Sick of study groups? Defeated by details? Longing to learn while laughing? We are too. So we did something about it.

    Introducing Level Up Nurse Squad—a card game that gives you necessary nursing knowledge with a side of LOL.

    HORSE PILL NURSING CHALLENGE You’re trying to give Mr. Nguyen his potassium again. “Why do you keep trying to give me a horse pill? I’m not taking it.” Pull up a chair—this is going to take a while. -4

    Available Now

    A Learning Game Designed
    for Nurses by Nurses

    "I love this game! It is a fun way to get some studying in without feeling like you are studying. I would use this to help study during school, before the NCLEX, and to brush up my skills as a nurse...I would definitely recommend this game to anyone looking to spice up their study routine."

    Erica S.

    Real Live Nurse

    Crying Laughing Emoji

    Navigate Real Nursing Hazards

    This is a game that gets it.

    The bad, the ugly, the have-to-laugh-or-you'll-cry.

    All of it.

    Angry Patient Monitor
    Crushing It

    Prep While You Play

    Jokes aside, this $h*t will be on the test.

    Questions are hand selected by our expert nurse team to help you be READY - for the classroom, exams or real life nursing.

    Examples of Level Up Nurse Squad Question Cards

    Meet the Nurses

    With your help, these apprehensive newbies could
    become the next members of the elite Level Up Nurse Squad.

    Willow the Whiz

    the Whiz

    Rabia the Researcher

    the Researcher

    Izzy the Improviser

    the Improviser

    Lamar the Leader

    the Leader

    Adam the advocate

    the Advocate

    Carmen the Composed

    the Composed

    Piper the Pal

    the Pal

    Mia the Mentor

    the Mentor

    The Run Down

    Play with up to 8 friends

    (or go solo. Whatever works.)

    Spice up your game nights when you combine subjects.

    (Peds, Med-Surg, and Pharm? Bring it!)

    Make it stick with game play that helps you learn.

    (Really. It’s a fact.)

    Created by nurses who’ve been there, done that

    (and still doing it.)

    Too Good to Be True?

    Great question. And we get it. Nothing about nursing (or nursing school) is easy. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun–especially when you join the Nurse Squad.

    Glowing Nurse


    Level Up RN study resources
    have received thousands of 5-star reviews.

    Now it’s your turn to
    Level Up!